Potential Reality

The extrovert assumes that things objectively exist, and that subjectively they do not. That indeed is the accepted sense of those terms and, I think, the theoretical and experimental basis of science.

It requires years of intuitive research to understand that the opposite is the truth, that no thing exists objectively other than as a concept, and that subjectively every thing has potential existence, i.e. permanently exists as potential.

When the Masters say tirelessly that every single thing 'neither exists nor does not exist' they mean just that: its only existence is as potential which is the integration of object and subject, of negative and positive, by which each interdependent counterpart has been obliterated.

The term 'realisation' - 'making real, a thing' - logically is only applicable to the illusory process of assuming conceptual objects do exist, for they have no other reality.

That which ultimately they ARE, and all that they could ever BE, is neither Reality nor Relative Reality (even with capital 'R's) but Potential (with a capital 'P' if you wish).

(© HKU Press, 1964)

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