Time is the key to the metaphysical problem.

When we come to understand the function of Time the principle problems will be seen no longer to exist.

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Time, I have quoted from Kant, is a function of our receptive apparatus. But are not all our perceptions dependent on Time (as the fourth dimension of Space)? Therefore ...

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Motion, being a function of Time, is therefore a function of our receptive apparatus, and unreal. Non-action, immobility, in its ultimate character of Non-Action, is a function of Tao or Reality.

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According to the oriental approach it is said that without Cause-and-Effect Time and Space are inconceivable. That in itself seems to be placing Effect before Cause. For indeed without Time and Space Cause-and-Effect are inconceivable. Cause-and-Effect only exist as a function of Time and Space (as Time and Space exist as a function of our psycho-somatic apparatus). There seems little indication that Time was understood in the East.

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What is called Maya is that which results from the concepts called Time and Space.

Looked at in another manner Maya may be said to be the limitation of tridimensional consciousness represented by Space, Time, and Causality.

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'If a person wishes to make a study of illusion, in spite of the fact that his own body is an illusion, we are reduced to the absurdity of an illusion studying and illusion.' (Chang Chan).

Definition of a classical psychoanalyst: an illusion treating a sick illusion for an illusionary sickness.

(© RKP, 1958)

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