The following photographs are preserved here for their historical interest only, and have not been edited or otherwise arranged into a gallery as such. All are quite large .jpg files that may take a minute or so to download. Some may not be supportable by all browsers.

1. Monaco (?) (Undated) - probably early 1980's

2. Unknown location (1962)
From left: WWW, René Fouéré, Robert Linssen, Francine Fouéré, Nathalie (WWW's wife), Douglas Harding.

3. Cavalaire, France (1964) Nathalie and WWW.

4. Monaco (?) (Undated) - probably circa 1980

5. Robert Linssen's villa at Tervuren, Belgium (1958)
From left: M. Linssen, Dr. D.T. Suzuki, Robert Linssen, WWW, Nathalie, Madame Okamura.

6. Gstaad, Switzerland (1970).
From left: Carlo Suarés, Nathalie, Nadine Suarés, Douglas Harding, WWW, Robert Linssen.

7. Monaco (?) (undated) - probably early 1980's

8. Monaco (?) (undated) - probably early 1980's

9. Unknown location (July, 1962)
From left: Nathalie, WWW, Douglas Harding, Robert Linssen.

10. Saanen, Switzerland (1962)
From left: Robert Linssen, WWW, Robert Powell, Douglas Harding, Nathalie.
(This photograph previously published in the 'Inner Directions Journal', Spring 1997, as part of a feature on WWW.)

11. Hong Kong (?) (undated) - probably mid-late 1970's

12. Monaco (?) (undated) - probably early 1980's

Special thanks to Robert Linssen for providing photographs 1 - 10, to Robert Gottesman for providing photograph 11, and to Eric Baret for providing photograph 12.