Eight Words

Objective existence is mythical,
Non-objective existence is absolute.


Objective existence is phenomenal - appearance only,
Non-objective existence is unaware of existing,
And it is phenomenally incognisable.

Objective existence is figuration in mind,
Non-objective existence only 'exists' in such mind,
Cognising everything except what is cognising.

Objective mind is self-elaboration in space-time,
Non-objective mind, phenomenally void, knows neither.

By whom is this being said?
By mind attempting to see itself - and not succeeding.
Why? As space-time 'it' appears as 'void',
Intemporally 'it' cannot cognise what is cognising.

* * *

'Dying' is dying to phenomenality: 'birth' is being born to phenomenality, i.e. to perceiving
and - later - to conceiving.

That is why neither exists as such.

(© T.J. Gray, 1968)

* * * * *