Karma and Rebirth - A Dialogue

Hello! Want something?

Yes. Tonic.

All said and done, what are 'karma' and rebirth?
Little to be said and nothing to be done about it.

Very well, let's have the little.
'Karma' means 'action' and the result of it. Find me someone to act and we'll discuss his action, find me someone to be born and we'll discuss his rebirth.

So they are both hooey?
Better when spelled with a 'w' in front.

Never been a 'who?' and never will be?
Only in a conceptual space-time context.

As an appearance in mind?
Any kind of dream, dreamed by a dreamer.

Good, but in that case?
Ask someone who thinks he knows about all that.

Who does?
Any dreamed phenomenon who is being dreamed and doesn't know it. Usually have letters after their names.

All their apparent actions?
The volitional ones.

There are two kinds?
Yes and No: spontaneous, and accompanied by a will-impulse.

The volitional element creates 'karma'?
How could it not?

And that leads to rebirth?
The 're' is tautological. Appearance occurs every split-second.

Ksana in Sanscrit?
Any language you like.

I refer to Sanscrit because those boys knew about all that.
Scholars like to think so, at least.

Why do they do that?
Justify their 'karma', like the rest of us.

But, without the volitional element, what is it?
What Sages appear to do. Ask them.

Can't we do it too?
We 'can' not , but it may occur.

Nevertheless we do it?
It is not a 'deed'.

Because no one 'does' it.

Then what is it?
A do-ing.

Which is?
Functioning. You like Sanscrit: 'prajna' is that.

And 'prajna'?
'Dhyana', the principal of functioning, looking for itself.

And 'dhyana'?
Whatever says it. 'Prajna', functioning, is the saying.

And the two of them?
There aren't two.

Well the one then?
There isn't one.

Then what is it?
Whatever you are, you ass!

But that?
Not that! You tell me, for a change.

This, then?
Better, but still - no.

Nothing whatever?

Then what?
The absence of that: 'nothing' is a negative 'something'; and you would still appear to be as an objective entity.

I must be total absence?
Since you are total presence.

(© T.J. Gray, 1968)

* * * * *