Intemporal Time

As 'time' we are 'intemporality', and as 'intemporality' we are 'time', for time and intemporality are not different in undivided mind.

Therefore our temporal aspect implies and requires our intemporality.

But we can also say that we are neither 'time' nor 'intemporality' for neither as such is anything but a concept in divided mind.

Conceptually, however, there can be no difference between 'intemporality' and 'total absence of time and of no-time'; the latter is a double negative abolishing no-time, i.e. that kind of time which is 'no-time; or negative time as well as positive time.

Time-less or time-full, we are still conceptually 'time', for such, conceptually, we must necessarily be.

* * *

Positivity is temporal and finite,
Negativity is timeless and infinite,
But neither exists otherwise than conceptually.

(© T.J. Gray, 1968)

* * * * *