Closing-in. II

Finding the Seeker

When Light seeks out Darkness,
The only finding is understanding that what has been 'found'
Was the absence of that which was seeking.

All that a Seeker can find is his own absence,
For this which is seeking is all there could have been to be found.

Asking 'Who am I?', therefore, is the Light
Searching for the Darkness of a 'me',
And finding that there is no 'Who?',
But only the absence of the presence of this-which-is-asking.

Note: Why does Light seek out Darkness? Because there is nothing else in the Cosmos which it has not found.


In repose, it is pure potentiality;
Functioning, it must seek itself as other,
In order to find that the absence of other
Is the absence which itself is.

For there is no self that is not other,
And no other that is not self;
Nor anywhere in the Cosmos
Can there be anything that is other than self.

Having found no self that is not other,
The seeker must find that there is no other that is not self,
So that in the absence of both other and self
There may be known the perfect peace
Of the presence of absolute absence.

(© HKU Press, 1966)

* * * * *