Free-will. 2

Our sole freedom is the faculty of understanding, for there is only one mind, and nothing else is. (The T'ang Masters have been quoted to this effect, especially Hsi Yun.)

It follows that our only liberty of 'action' lies in the exercise of this faculty, and the resulting change in our apparent selves.

If this should appear difficult to comprehend we might do well to envisage mind as an ultimate subtlety or essence traversing all dimensions, manifesting in all, and constituting thereby a liaison between the densest force-field of the material world and Absolute Reality, of which it is the purest manifestation perceptible to us.

Free-will. 3

How can a figment of the imagination have any effect on anything that is not itself a figment of the imagination? Therefore any effect resulting from an act of 'will' subject to the ego-concept can only be as imaginary as itself.

© RKP, 1960)

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