The Man in the Moon

'But what is more concrete than the I-Reality?' Concrete.
'Each of us can have direct experience of it at any moment.' Each of us.
'Moreover the I-Reality is the only thing that is unquestionably known to us.' The only thing.
(The Maharshi, Etudes, p. 127)

He also tells us that the reality of objects is represented not by the form given them by craftsman or artist but by the material (gold or clay, for instance) of which they are made; and that the principle of reality does not reside in the design of the painter but in the canvas on which it is painted, not in the apparently moving images of the cinema but in the surface on to which they are projected. Which is pure Vedanta and, I think, pure Zen.

Reality might, perhaps, be regarded as our texture, though not in a material sense but rather as conscious being, and its realisation as consciousness of being.

Could truth be more luminously suggested via our dualistic medium of words? Are these not fingers pointing directly at the Man in the Moon?

After all, our texture is Pure Consciousness, which is a definition of Reality Itself.

(© RKP, 1960)

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