In an attempt to reduce confusion resulting from the use of manifold terms with diverse meanings by various authors, I propose henceforth to try the following neologisms:

THE DIVIDUAL - for individual, person, personality, self, me, 'me's'. We know that no such entity can exist as such, since the phenomenon is either to be described, physically, as a fluctuating force-field (an electronic flux in perpetual mutation), or, metaphysically, as an apparent objectivisation of consciousness, without permanence or any duration, renewed every instant and variable. Psychologically this phenomenon appears as a succession of 'me's', multifarious and frequently contradictory, but this is merely an effect created by the identification of the I-concept with each impulse as it arises in the psyche.

THE IMPERSON - for the impersonal Witness, or relative self, Which, though Consciousness Itself, appears to observe both the thought and the supposed thinker thereof, and, as such, has to be indicated in dualistic language as an entity that at the same time is not such.

THE UNSELF - for the Self, pure Awareness, Consciousness, Reality, my Principle, Cosmic or Universal Mind, Suchness, Quiddity, the Absolute, Godhead. The choice of this term to represent these hardly demands explanation.

This does not please anybody? Sorry. I will occasionally use the usual expressions so as not to deprive anybody of his right to incertitude.

(© RKP, 1960)

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