Transcending Space

Man has never had any difficulty in stopping time, mentally, but he sees it as immobile space. His highest flight is to compensate the negation of time by extending Space - as in the Linga-sharira, or Long-body, all we are from birth to death stretched out like a snake.

Can we be satisfied with this? But in order to negate Space we can only extend or contract it. And whichever we do, if we do it wholeheartedly, what we arrive at is a void. The Void? What more do we want? Did not the Lord Buddha tell us that was all there was anyway?

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Space is only the distance between objects, i.e. a concept, an idea, a notion.

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Dualism is a Function of Tridimensionality

The relativity of the universe as perceived by us is a consequence of the limitation in our perception of dimensions. When that sensorial limitation in directions of measurement is removed, the separation of subject and object ceases and we unite with the ten thousand things in unicity.

(© RKP, 1960)

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