Uncommon-Sense Regarding Reincarnation

If, in some manner not hitherto revealed to us, reincarnation, as popularly conceived and so very tacitly accepted by eminent Buddhists, should in fact be possible, and since Time is a factor personal to each of us, it must necessarily also be normal, and as usual, for us to reincarnate into the Past and to have reincarnated into the Future.

No doubt we have often visited the moon in a space-ship, and we shall be Julius Caesar and Cleopatra - and some of Louis XIV's kitchen-staff?

But we still ask the Masters, so taciturn on this delicate subject, what it is that reincarnates - since the Enlightened One Himself never tired of telling us that there is not anything in the way of an ego-entity, a personality, a being, or a separated individuality.

The transcendental, unconditioned I-Reality, which escapes this thorough-going definition can hardly be concerned in a process subject to Time. Therefore it can only be conditioned, relative, hypothetical elements that carry on this traffic in their own times. After all, they are our 'me's', and Past and Future exist in a dimension that surrounds us and that may be accessible.

Perhaps each of us is distributed among Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Louis XIV's kitchen staff, moon-tourists, etc., all at the, and in the, same Time?

(© RKP, 1960)

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