One observes, perhaps with compassion, the rather pitiful attempts of all but the very wise to seize any loop-hole for what they call free-will. Always you find the Note, or the parenthesis, giving hope. They are like drowning men clutching at any objects that remain afloat. They just cannot reconcile themselves to the abandonment of the notion that an imaginary entity can do whatever it wants whenever it wishes, and without reference to the Mind that imagined it.

The idea seems like suicide to them. But even if you do feel like that about it - which means that you have not understood - why cling to a last pitiful remnant of illusion as though it could save you from anything but enjoying clear vision at last! And if it is suicide - is not that just what you seek - the extinction of your 'self', the 'death' of the 'old' man?

Enfin: Can anyone who talks about free-will have understood? Is it not a hallmark of non-comprehension?

Note: As Reality you are free, of course, but your 'will' is that of the Cosmos.

(© RKP, 1960)

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