The Three Known Dimensions are External: The Fourth is Within the Mind

Since there are no 'things' we nevertheless conceive of three directions of measurement in order to measure our mind-created projections, but further directions of measurement can only be conceived as within the mind itself.

Dimensions do not lie in a mind-made Universe, but in the aspect of mind that seeks to interpret it.

So-called spiritual experience is the development of a further dimension in the mind. By the cultivation of intuition this new direction of measurement is explored.

The Sages, the Masters, are men who are able to use a further dimension of mind which is present in all of us.


Mind in so far as it is unconditioned is 'free', i.e. in so far as it is Mind and not our mind, the unconditioned aspect of our mind being Mind, and the conditioned aspect of Mind being 'our' mind.

'Owing to worldly beliefs, which he is free to accept or reject, man wanders in the Sangsara.' (Padma Sambhava.)

(© RKP, 1960)

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