Pure Consciousness

Only as Pure Consciousness am I conscious of anything.

Only Pure Consciousness is conscious of anything, for only as Pure Consciousness am I myself conscious.

Therefore only as Pure Consciousness does anything exist. There is no other consciousness, no other 'mind'.

Everything that seems other than Pure Consciousness, i.e. every 'object' of consciousness - myself, you, thought or object 'perceived', is a notion in Pure Consciousness. But why does Pure Consciousness have notions?

* * *


What is the use of talking about the objects of consciousness, whether they be thoughts, sensations or hot-water bottles? Objects must have a subject, subject-object is a pair of opposites, like all others, which are two halves of one whole. That whole is whatever you choose to call it. But as Reality has Unreality as its other half, Being - Non-Being, Absolute - Relative, and so on ad infinitum (even 'non-dual Consciousness' is opposed by 'Dual Consciousness', 'Pure Consciousness' by 'Impure', 'Universal Mind' by 'Particular'), either a term that has no apparent meaning, that is unconditioned, such as 'Tao' must be used and on the understanding that it must necessarily be identical with 'Non-Tao' - whatever that could be, or else both pairs of opposites must be used together. And why not? Does not such a composite term help us to realise what it implies? 'Reality - Unreality', 'Consciousness - Unconsciousness', 'Absolute - Relative', 'Universal - Particular Mind', 'Duality - Non-Duality', 'Dual - Non-dual Consciousness'. In other words - TAO.

There can be no objects of consciousness anyhow: there can only be subject-objects which are Consciousness-Unconsciousness Itself. Everything is just - TAO

* * *

Mind versus Matter is unreal, like all dualism, but Mind-Matter as a suchness is real. To realise the latter is at least as important as it is to realise the former. Usually, however, the former alone is pointed out - and the unfortunate pilgrim is left with the impression that both are unreal, whereas, in fact, each is unreal but both are real.

Each half of every pair of opposites is unreal. Both halves of every pair of opposites, united in their quiddity, are Reality-Unreality, or Tao.

The reunion of every pair of opposites renders them non-dual.

That is approximately as far as words can carry one towards understanding the nature of - TAO.

* * *

L'Inconcevable - give it any other name or label you wish ... for it can never be other than that.

(© RKP, 1960)

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